Monday, June 16, 2008

Picasso Download [PICASSO]

The Picasso download lets you transfer, find, manage, organize, edit, print, and share your digital images, photos and pictures all with an easy-to-use software interface. Watch the Picasso download automatically organize all your pictures into elegant albums by date. Having all your photos in one place means no more time wasted searching for folders or files on your computer. The Picasso download works with JPEG, GIF, BMP, PSD, and movie files and is compatible with most digital cameras; it detects your USB driver and imports pictures into photo albums. Photo editing tools include cropping (standard or custom), removal of red-eye, and enhancing--even switching from color to black and white. Create slide shows set to your MP3s. E-mail photos with the Picasso download's built-in client to take the guesswork out of compressing images, and order photo-lab quality prints or print at home with no mistakes. You can also make instant backups to CD (or to other hard drives) of your photo collections, to organize your digital photos and pictures using labels and stars (just like with Gmail), to write captions for all pictures, and to organize videos in addition to pictures.

Pros of the Picasso Download:
Picasso download quickly pulled up all 'unorganized' files/photos/images and drawings saved all over your computer (PC only -- no Apple Mac). The photos are along side the folders in sections all perfectly sized & mapped out for viewing in Picasso. The download made it very easy for to organize, view & delete doubles and old junk then break it all down to 3 folders in one main folder.

By far the easiest way to manage your photos on your computer is using the Picasso download.

When you edit a photo in Picasso, it never actually changes the original file, so you can always go back. But you can export a new file of the changes. Sounds harder than it is.

Picasso offers picture backup, preferably to another drive, so if one crashes you are safe.

Easy to rename photos on the fly

Easy to sort through photos using Picasso download.

Great program. Very organized and eay-to-use/edit photos, clean interface, nice effects while viewing digital photos, such as a very subtle fade and other smooth animations. Picasso download does the job better than anyone else.

Picasso, also known as Picasa, is the way to go if you want an easy way to keep your photos organized. The Picasso software automatically searches for and indexes your pictures on your computer. The program files your photos in an easy, hierarchal format.You can also send pictures using Outlook or Gmail account from within the program. The editing with this program is amazing, all you have to do is click a button, and it does all the work for you. Fixing red-eye is simplicity in itself. Brightening the image is as easy as 123. Balancing the color is like ABC. Recommended for the camera happy person, photography buff, or just people looking for an easy way to keep their photos in one place.

Cons of Picasso Download:
WebAlbum is not that great.

HP photoprinter only prints 4x6 photos. It's not really compatible witih the Picasso download, so you have to export picures out, then use windows picture and fax viewer to print. It just takes an extra minute or two.

A few little problems. Yea, you can manage movies with it, but it's not ideal. Also, setting an image to desktop from Picasso automatically sets it to "Stretch".

A couple more features would make this awesome program even better.

Get your Picasso download now.